If you are looking for the best massage, then look no further than Karla, she is a rare find. I have known her for about 5 years and she is amazing. She really knows what she’s doing and I always feel so much better. My only complaint is that 1hour just goes way too fast & I can’t wait for my next appointment. Once you have a massage from Karla you will look no further, that I will guarantee!

Lindsey December 5, 2017

I have had the pleasure of having Karla as a massage therapist for the past 6 years & it has always been an enriching & healing experience. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia approximately 15 years ago & Karla has been the only massage therapist who has helped my flair ups between treatments. She is knowledgeable, professional & a kind hearted person & I have no hesitation in recommending her service. She has hands of gold!

Sessa December 5, 2017

Karla Barkdoll is an amazing massage therapist, she has been my massage therapist for the last year in and half. My problem area is that I get so much tension in my neck and shoulders from my job and daily life she is the only massage therapist who can get into my muscles and relieve that tension. My pain has been so bad that I get tension headaches, but after a session with Karla my tension is released right away. Either it be a purposeful massage or just a relaxing massage, Karla has always made me feel so much better after my massage.

I have been getting massages for about ten years off and on and have had about 10 different massage therapists, and Karla is the best one I have come across, and will be my last one. She is very professional , friendly, and always makes it convenient to schedule appointments with her around my schedule!

Jennifer December 5, 2017

I have been a client of Karla Barkdoll for the last two plus years. I’m an individual who has gotten massages on a regular basis for over 40 years. My initial concerns when I moved to my current residence and looked for a new massage therapist that made house calls, was that this was a female and I didn’t think that she would have the strength to do the type of massage that I was a custom to.

Boy was I surprised when I had to call UNCLE, Karla more than exceeded my expectations. Karla does all types of massage therapies that include light, medium, and deep pressure that she customizes to your individual needs.

The key is to have a massage therapist coming to your home. One of the purposes of a massage is to be relaxed. Who wants to have to get up, get dressed, and drive home after this wonderful experience?

Karla is professional.

Karla is accommodating.

Karla is always on time.

Karla is reasonable and affordable with her pricing.

Karla comes to your home.

Karla has “GOLDEN HANDS”

A very pleased client,

December 5, 2017

We have used Karla for almost one year. She is professional , reliable, knowledgeable and gives the best massage ever! We all have very busy schedules and it saves us time and stress to have Karla come right to our home. My husband has chronic pain and her weekly massages help him tremendously. Whether you just want a great stress reliever or you have a medical condition I would highly recommend Karla!

Laura December 5, 2017

I contacted Karla over a year ago after reading her ad in my neighborhood newspaper. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of my health issues. The flexibility with scheduling has been great, and each massage session is tailored to my particular problem areas. She also, was able to provide some simple at home techniques I have found beneficial during this years’ unbearable allergy season. From a health prospective thank you Karla for keeping me moving.

December 5, 2017